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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive frequently asked questions about our services, venue, and specific details. We hope the information below will answer your questions. If not, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.



Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

Q: Can we hold on a date?
A: A hold will be placed after the $100 holding fee has been received. If a contract has not been initiated within  3 business days and security deposit paid, you can lose the date if another client requests the date. Please note neither your holding fee or deposit will be applied to the balance due for your rental. They are additional cost associated with renting the venue.

Q: When is my date secured and mine, no one else can book it?
A: Once the contract has been issued and holding fee has been paid, you will have 3 days to return the signed contract along with required deposit to confirm your date. A date is not secured until the contract has been signed, and holding fee & deposit are paid.

Q: Do you require a damage/security deposit?
A: Yes, a minimum of $150  up to 50% of the rental cost, refundable damage deposit will be required. This price varies with the cost/length of rental.

Q: What kind of deposit and payments do you require?
A: Upon signing the contract, the deposit requirement is a flat rate and is refundable. After your initial deposit, we require either the balance in full or you may utilize the following pay schedule: Payments 90 days and 60 days out and the final payment due 30 days out, or as stated in your contract. Acceptable forms of payment are cash, cashier’s check in US dollars. We also accept Visa, MasterCard and AMEX - fees will apply.**Final guest counts are due 7 days out and any additional fees incurred will be billed upon conclusion of the event along with any damage charges.

Q: What if we need to change our date after we sign our contract and send in our security deposit?
A: A date change after the contract is issued does not incur penalties and the deposit will be transferred to the new date, as long as the new date requested is available. (see your rental agreement for cancellation policy)

Q: Can I hire any florist, DJ or any other vendors or bring my friend to be my photographer?
A: We have a preferred vendor list. This list is available upon request. We chose preferred vendors for many factors and they are some of the best in their field. We do not ,however, require you to use our preferred vendor. We do ask if you want a vendor who is not on our list, you MUST receive approval from us. This is to guarantee the best possible day for you.

Q: When is the final count due?
A: If a Guaranteed guest count is required for your event that count is due seven days prior to your event. You will be charged based on this guarantee, regardless of any decrease in guest count. Any additional guests will be added to your final bill.

Q: When is final payment due?
A: Thirty days prior to your event unless other arrangements have been agreed upon and are reflected in your contract.

Q: Do I need an Event or Wedding Coordinator?
A: No, but we highly recommend a professional planner or coordinator.

Q: Can we have a rehearsal at Art Houze Alive?
A: Yes, If arranged in advance and the desired date and time is available. Rehearsal rates will apply.

Q: Are chairs, tables, & decor included in my rental?
A: You will quoted the total number of white chairs and white tables that are included in your rental. Any additional tables/chairs, decor, staging, or table settings that are shown in the images on our site or in promotional images or video are reflective of what can be achieved. The decorative items & staging are NOT included with your rental but the services and items may be secured for an additional fee.

Q: Are the Venue Fee and Coordination included in the Signature Package?
A: Yes, the Signature Package includes the Venue Fee & Full Coordination.

Q: Can I have outside catering and beverage?
A: Yes, Art Houze Alive is not a full service venue. So you may secure the services of 3rd party vendors for catering and bar services.

Q: Do we tip service staff?
A: Upon receiving exemplary service you may wish to leave a tip. If you do not receive exemplary service, we want to know.

Q: What is the “Administration fee/Designer fee”? Is it a gratuity?
A: It is the cost of producing the event. The fee covers all costs associated with producing your one-of-a-kind event, aside from food. These costs include, but are not limited to, the following: day-to-day operations, utilities, office and warehouse staff, prepping and planning, insurance, etc…This fee does not include event staff gratuity.

Q: Do I have to have Event Insurance?

A: Yes, we require larger events such as concerts, weddings, parties, or events with attendees of 15 or more to secure insurance.

Get a Quote on Insurance For Your Event Here: Click Here

House Rules:

DIY Décor

There will be no décor permanently affixed to any walls, ledges, handrails or arch by use of tape, nails, tacks, Velcro, or the like. You must receive advance approval for any hanging décor by your coordinator. You may not move or remove any of the furniture or art work on the premises. Ask for assistance if you would like an item moved.


All guests and staff must park in the designated parking areas. We encourage your guests to carpool. Parking is available for up to  cars.

Shuttle Service

We can certainly do not provide shuttle service for your guests.


There is a “no smoking” rule for the main house and lawn. A smoking section will be designated and a cigarette butt receptacle will be provided in the smoking area.


Outdoor music must stop at 10:00 pm and last song plays inside at 12:45 am. Decibel Readers  be used by all DJs. Art Houze Alive Events must approve all live music. MP3 Players are allowed but must be supervised. The Clayton County noise ordinance is 10:00 pm.

Conclusion of the Event

The event must conclude by the time agreed upon in your contract and all guests must be out of the rented space. Events that exceed beyond the rented time paid for will incur a per hour fee of $125 for each additional hour.

Set up and Breakdown

Setup by vendors can begin no earlier than the agreed upon time, the day of your event. All rentals must be removed by closing nightly or must be picked up no earlier than 10:00 am the morning following the event. No outside breakdown will be permitted from 11:30 pm to 9:00 am. To insure security deposit is refunded, property should be inspected the following morning. Please note set-up and breakdown time must be factored into the rental cost. If your event is 2 hours long and you will need an hour set-up time and an hour breakdown/clean up time after it's conclusion then you will need to book 4 hours of use time. ONLY day rate rental include set-up & breakdown time. Please plan accordingly.

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